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Professional Games

Tom Arrow has written for Paizo, Inc. and Walt Disney Imagineering. He has written full campaigns available for free on drivethrurpg. He is a full-time professional Game Master, running 15 paid games per week. He possesses a Master's of Arts degree in Creative Writing. The rest of the talented performers bring their own skills as well. Together, the entire Arrow team brings fun and excitement to every episode and game.

Not to mention

Indie RPGs

We specialize in playing and recording actual play games showcasing indie TTRPG adventures and rulesets.

If you love experiencing all the imaginative talent from single and small-sized publishers or represent an indie RPG, Tom Arrow's Tales is the place for you.

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About us

Our live play podcasts showcase the creativity of indie TTRPG creators as well as their crowdfunding projects.

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